Maria Magkrioti

Administrative Support

Maria Magkrioti was born in Serres and lives in Thessaloniki.

She obtained Vocational Training Institute (IEK) diploma as an “Executive Assistant”.

Maria has actively participated in training programs such as “Introduction to Computers” offered by the Macedonian Institute of Labor, and the “Upskilling and Retraining Program for Workers in All Sectors of the Economy with an Emphasis on Digital and Green Skills”, entitled: “SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS MARKETING”, organized by the Public Employment Service.

During her internship, Maria gained valuable experience at the Agricultural Bank of Vasilika. She also took part in the Work Experience Acquisition Programme “STAGE” initiated by the Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED).

She works as an executive assistant at ANATOLIKI S.A. – Organization for Local Development. She is a member of the implementation team for the project “Technical and Secretarial Support for the Operations and Actions of the European Network of Elected Greeks in Local Authorities.”