Georgia Kartsiotou

Administrative Support

Georgia Kartsiotou is a graduate of General High School. She is certified by ECDL.

She works at ANATOLIKI S.A. since 1996 as an Office Clerk with the object of administrative support for the implementation of service provision and co-financed projects. Fixed asset management – cash register update. Procurement office administrative support – «Clarity» Program Management. Participation in committees of the Company’s Management Regulation.

From 2008-2012 she provided her services to the Municipal Enterprise for Tourism, Social & Cultural Development of Thermi.

Provided secretarial support to the Kalamaria Movers’ Service Center. She was an apartment curator within the REACT project.

She has attended the ELKEPA training program “Learn quickly Windows, Word, Excel, internet, e-mail”. Training program “Information and awareness for the production and consumption of organic products in Central Macedonia-GREEN PLAN” of EKEKA. FORUM “Good practices for empowering and encouraging socially vulnerable groups”. “Supporting the social integration of vulnerable migrants in Europe” INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION. “Education on Asylum Procedures: To care, I am cared and allow myself to be cared for: Supporting workers in the field” BABEL Day Center for MET Migrant Mental Health. Introductory training ESTIA 2021. “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – from the incident to its reporting – Cultivating a culture of zero tolerance” KMOP – TEAMWORK – CombaT sExuAl harassment in the WORKplace.