Eugenia Athanasiadou

Communication, Public Relations and Advertising

Eugenia Athanasiadou, originally from Nea Moudania and currently residing in Thessaloniki, is a graduate of the “PROMETHEAS” school in Athens, specializing in accounting. She underwent extensive training at the Greek Productivity Center (EL.KE.PA) in “PUBLIC RELATIONS” and “INTRODUCTION OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE SERVICE OF TOURISM.” Additionally, she acquired expertise in “Advertising” from the School of Professional Training in Thessaloniki, Department of Advertising & Media.

During the 2001-02 period, Eugenia completed the first year of the two-year MBA program at AGSM in collaboration with Nottingham Trend University. In 2020, she received specialized training in “Event Planning Marketing and Management” from Kapodistrian University. Her professional journey includes a tenure at EL.KE.PA in 1985-86 and serving as an Account Executive at the advertising company PYLARINOS from 1988 to 1991.

In 1995-96, Eugenia assumed the role of Marketing Department Head at the Municipal Corporation of Information, Broadcasting, and Communication FM100 – TV 100. She also shared her expertise by teaching advertising at the Vocational Training Institute (IEK) of Epanomi in 1996 and served as a shareholder & consultant at Alpha Consulting Europe from 1998 to 2007.

Since 1999, Eugenia has been a valuable collaborator with ANATOLIKI SA, overseeing media relations, coordinating events and conferences, participating in both national and international exhibitions as part of European and National Projects undertaken by the company, and contributing to the editing of forms & publications.