“Promoting multilevel governance for tuning up biodiversity protection in marine areas”

The INTERREG MEDITERRANEAN “TUNE UP” project has multiple objectives, addressing the need for a strategic and collaborative approach to the management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and biodiversity protection, through testing and use of a governance tool involving various stakeholders, based on the experience of the River / Wetlands Contracts tested by the INTERREG MED project ‘WETNET’.

The “TUNE UP” project builds on the results of ‘MED WETNET’, taking advantage of the flexibility and feasibility of the river / wetland methodology, developing further the MPAs management and evaluating its effectiveness through the implementation of 10 MPAs by the project partners.

The objectives of the Wetland Contracting procedure are:

  1. preserving / enhancing the biodiversity of coastal and marine ecosystems;
  2. contributing to the mitigation of the effects of climate change and other risk factors (e.g human activities);
  3. active involvement of key stakeholders and local key actors
  4. raising awareness of local communities and policy makers.

TUNE UP’s approach is based on achieving coordination between the managing institutions at all levels as well as integrating the funding and management plans, thus reinforcing the goal of protecting biodiversity.
The project partnership includes MPAs managed entities, which will allow TUNE UP to deliver good practices between the project partners and among the institutions involved in managing the MPAs, as well as to the Mediterranean countries in general.

Main deliverables

The project aims to achieve the following results:

  1. Enhanced and coordinated involvement of key stakeholders in the management of MPAs.
  2. Improve the effectiveness of managing MPAs by integrating multi-level governance tools into national and regional policy instruments.
  3. Intensified transnational cooperation and networking between MPAs in the Mediterranean.

ANATOLIKI SA participates in the project having as an Associated Partner the THERMAIKOS GULF PROTECTED AREAS MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY, which together with ANATOLIKI will perform the following actions.

  • Adaptation of WETNET methodology to the management of Marine Protected Areas
  • Study of the context of the Pilot Area (regulatory framework, description of stakeholders)
  • The possibility of applying the WETLAND project contracts to other wetlands
  • Monitoring / Evaluation of pilot actions
  • Enhance the dissemination of regional policy tools


12 partners from 7 countries:

  • ANATOLIKI SA (Greece) (Lead Partner)
  • Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces (Spain)
  • Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (France)
  • Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation (Italy)
  • Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovenia)
  • Tour du Valat Foundation (France)
  • Μβ Amvrak Gulf Management Agency (Greece)
  • Department of Archeology – University of Roma Tre (Italy)
  • AQUAPROGRAM srl (Italy)
  • Spanish Ornithological Society (Spain)
  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment (Albania)
  • University of Montenegro – Institute for marine biology (Montenegro)

Project Budget: 3.035.575,50 €

Anatoliki SA Budget: 292.960,00 €

Started:01/11/2019 Expires:30/06/2022 (32 Months)

Website: https://tune-up.interreg-med.eu/

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