“Rural-Urban Partnerships Motivating Regional Economies”

RUMORE is an Interreg Europe project, aiming at improving policies in the field of regional innovation strategies by facilitating rural-urban cooperation and partnerships.

Huge potentials for growth and job creation remain unused, because urban – often more innovative – cores and surrounding rural parts are not well linked in terms of innovation chains, hence exhibiting a gap for joint innovation policy and effects for regional development.

Clusters and regional innovation strategies are often too focused on cities, thus ignoring the stakeholders (e.g. R+D institutions, innovative enterprises) in the rural and peripheral areas who then cannot unfold their full spectrum and chances.

Objectives – Actions

RUMORE tackles this shortcoming in many policies and enhances the delivery of innovation in regional innovation chains via improved rural-urban partnerships.
RUMORE compiles the few approaches of how to design and setup policy instruments for integrated urban-rural development in innovation policies. Good practices from the partners will be shared in an interregional learning and peer review process through Learning Events designed as living labs, and subsequently transferred and adapted to the specific contexts. The progress of improvement of each policy instrument is continuously discussed and 3 recurring working groups on overarching level produce results and added value.
4 ERDF ROPs and 2 other policy instruments will be improved with an overall influenced amount of ca. 25 million Euros.

Expected results

The expected results include:

  • more than 300 activities supported between innovation actors
  • More than 15 million Euros of ERDF funds and 10 million Euros of other sources will be directly influenced while the indirect amounts are even higher.
  • 64 people with increased capacity in the partner regions
  • the attendees of 45 policy learning events and more than three thousands visitors of the project website act as further ambassadors of the policy improvements.
  • at least 6 regional innovation programs (e.g. cofinanced by ERDF) and RIS3 will be eager to taking a closer look at successful innovations and good practices and derive the lessons learnt from them in their midterm evaluation and revision.
  • Six action plans will be produced
  • one set of recommendations is derived and communicated to the relevant target groups, drawing on 14 good practices and the processes of the learning reports, including three working group documentations and discussions on the policy improvement progress

Local Action Group

  • Managing Authority
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Association of Northern Greece Industries
  • National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives
  • International Union of Greek Enterprises
  • Technical Chambers of Greece / Central Macedonia Department
  • National Centre for Research and Technological Development
  • Industrial Area ETVA
  • Industrial Area of Litochoro


  • HafenCity University (Germany)
  • Lombardy Region (Italy)
  • Green Knowledge Portal Twente (Netherlands)
  • City of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Region of Central Macedonia (Greece)
  • Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities (Greece)
  • Office for regional development Lüneburg (Germany)
  • District government Burgas (Bulgaria)

Project Budget: 1.579.234 €

ANATOLIKI’s Budget: 124.714 €

Start: 1/1/2017, End : 31/12/2021