“Supporting Adaptation to Mediterranean Sea Level Rise”

Climate change is evident in many aspects, among them there is the progressive increase of the average sea level, which is affecting the rare extremes too, both on their frequency and intensity.

The assessment of risks deriving from sea level variations requires a robust quantification of all the elements bringing the sea level to become a hazard thus, for an effective adaptation to future sea conditions, it is mandatory to have reliable knowledge on scenarios for sea level trends. As a consequence, there is an urgent need to quantify the likelihood of available scientific information on the expected XXI century sea level trends, in the Mediterranean sub-basins, with an estimate of the uncertainties.

This is the challenge addressed by the INTERREG EuroMED MedSeaRise project. The objective of the project is improving the assessment of risks deriving from the Mediterranean Sea level variations, through a robust quantification of its hazardous source.

In practice, the MedSeaRise project is a study project that aims to build a methodology considering both, the anthropic activities and the ecosystem, exposed to the sea level rise hazard then joined in the same search for a common set of best practices in using the available future climate scenarios.

The main results of the project are:

  1. State-of-the-art of knowledge and data availability on sea level rise projections for the Mediterranean area. Survey on scientific papers, documents and available data on sea level rise projections;
  2. Conduction of risk assessment and its sensitivity from sea level rise trends on the set of case studies, and assessment of the likelihood of future scenarios, according to a set of indicators which are suitably thought and computed for each Mediterranean sub basin area;
  3. Benchmarks on evaluation of sea level rise anthropic and ecosystem impacts risk assessment;
  4. Methodology best practices on the selection and use of sea level rise data for the risk assessment and the usage for the adaptation action;
  5. White paper on the uncertainties affecting the current knowledge and the data on sea level future trend in the Mediterranean and consequent impacts;
  6. Green paper on the potentials of a large-scale testing of the methodology and its extension to a wider spectra of risks.


6 partners from 6 different countries

  • ANATOLIKI SA-Organization for Local Development (Greece) (Lead Partner)
  • ARPA FVG-Regional Environmental Agency of Friuli Venezia Guilia Region (Italy)
  • CCINCA-Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Côte d’ Azur (France)
  • UoM-IBMK-University of Montenegro, Institute of Marine Biology (Montenegro)
  • BCC-Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (Spain)
  • UM-University of Malta (Malta)

Associated Partner

ANATOLIKI SA participates in the project having as an Associated Partner the Municipality of Kalamaria (Greece), which together with ANATOLIKI will perform the activities of the project.

Project Budget: 600.000 €

ANATOLIKI SA Budget: 108.331 €

Started: 1/1/2024

Expires: 31/3/2026