Erasmus+ KA220 ADU-WITH4LESS-WITH you, we can do more for LESS

WITH4LESS will create a new community of actors in the tourism chain, by developing new skills able to support customers/tourists, micro-enterprises, SMEs, employees of companies and service providers (public and private) to actively participate in the green transition with simple and effective actions. The project foresees to increase the knowledge of the above groups and their access to practical solutions and tools as a means to better manage essential resources (water and energy), to minimise waste and to improve sustainable behaviour at the tourism level (service providers as well as customers). By doing this, the WITH4LESS approach is aiming to enhance the awareness and skills in order to offer more responsible and sustainable products and services, contributing to the promotion of the circular and green economy and consequently to the fight against climate change.

The main results of the WITH4LESS project are:

  • The definition and adaptation of the necessary knowledge, skills and competences of worker so that can become promoters of sustainable solutions in the tourism sector.
  • A Manifesto to enable all actors in the tourism chain to contribute actively to the global green transition with easy and joint actions.
  • The training and coaching of the ConsumeLess Advisors as a suitable and innovative actor that help to promote sustainable tourism into their local contexts through the creation of an international MOOC and organization of one international training.
  • A ready-to-use set for assessing environmental standards and support mainly micro enterprises and SMEs to immediately act for improving them.

The WITH4LESS partnership consists of 6 partners from 6 different countries:

  1. Energy and Water Agency (EWA) from Malta (Lead Partner): www.energywateragency.gov.mt
  2. SVI.MED Centro Euromediterraneo Perlo Sviluppo Sostenible Onlys Associazione from Italy: www.svimed.eu
  3. Istanbul Medeniyet University from Turkey: www.medeniyet.edu.tr
  4. ANATOLIKI SA-Organization for Local Development from Greece: www.anatoliki.gr
  5. Ecosystem Europe Association from Bulgaria: www.ecosystemeurope.org
  6. MAKE IT BETTER-Associacao Para a Inovacao e Economia Social from Portugal: http://makeitbetter.pt

Total lump sum of the project: 250.000 €

Lump sum of ANATOLIKI SA: 41.000 €

Project Start Date: 1/9/2023

Project End Date: 31/8/2025