SYY D. Thermaikou

Integrated urban development interventions in small scale local areas

Operation of a centre for the support of local economy: Support services for repatriates, unemployed women, migrant workers and vulnerable groups 
  • Municipality of Thermaikos, coordinator
  • Municipal agency of local development of Thermaikos
  • Commercial Association of Thermaikos
  • Organisation of Planning of Thessaloniki
  • WaterandseweragencyofThessalonikis.a. 
  • ERGANI centre
  • Hellenic Telecommunications organization
  • Publicpowercorporations.a.
  • Manpower Employment Organization
  • Centre for the Elderly – Municipality of Thermaikos
  •  Cultural and ecological association of Perea
  • Cultural Association of Neoi Epivates  
  • Pontian Association of Neoi Epivates «TRANTELLINES»
  • Womenassociation«AGAPI»
  • Anatoliki s.a.

Public network access points in the municipality of Thermaikos  

Implementation body : ANATOLIKI s.a.

Project timeframe : 17/11/2005 – 7/2007