Erasmus+ KA220 ADU-SusTourTraining
Strengthening the Tourism value chain in small fascinating Mediterranean Towns through adult education focusing on sustainability

The lives of people and employees across Europe, particularly within the tourism industry, have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which highlighted the need for more resilient and sustainable tourism practices, aσ the industry is still grappling with the effects of the pandemic on travel behaviour and demands.

SusTourTraining aims to promote and revitalise the tourism sector by empowering and up-skilling tourism employees to incorporate sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain. This will be achieved by providing a tailored and specific training programme to the tourism operators and promoting the sharing of best practices between the involved territories. By emphasising sustainable tourism practices, the project will help improve the competitiveness of tourism companies in the labour market. Additionally, the project will focus on modernization and networking opportunities to further enhance sustainable tourism practices.

The main results of the SusTourTraining project are:

  • SUSTOURTRAINING ASSESSMENT – Analysis of the adult education training gaps and good practices regarding sustainability along the tourism value chain: an assessment of the local situation in each territory will be carried out by the partnership in order to obtain a detailed diagnosis of the good practices, but mainly the needs of each territory.
  • SUSTOURTRAINING DEVELOPMENT – Sustainable tourism curriculum development proposed for adult education of the tourism value chain. This result aims to consolidate and adjust the knowledge about sustainability of tourist operators and to provide them tools to include sustainable practices in their work. The concrete results will be the development of a ready to use training material for each country, in a face-to-face modality, and the development of an online course (MOOC), available on an online open educational platform.
  • SUSTOURTRAINING TESTING – Local and transnational testing activities: the testing activities will be organised in two interconnected lines:
    – A transnational training of trainers
    – Local training of tourism operators, led by the trained trainers mentioned above.
  • SUSTOURTRAINING DISSEMINATION- DISSEMINATION AND COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES: the strategy and tools developed will support the transfer of the methodology and ensure both the sustainability and the replication of the project in other territories.

The SusTourTraining partnership consists of 5 partners from 5 different countries:

  1. Fundación MUSOL from Spain (Lead Partner):
  2. ANATOLIKI SA-Organization for Local Development from Greece:
  3. Borghi più belli d’Italia from Italy:
  4. Make it Better-Associacao para a inovacao e economia social from Portugal:
  5. BSC, Poslovno Podporni Center, DOO from Slovenia:

ANATOLIKI SA is implementing the project in collaboration with 2 Associated Partners, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Region of Central Macedonia.

Total lump sum of the project: 250.000 €

Lump sum of ANATOLIKI SA: 47.757 €

Project Start Date: 1/9/2023

Project End Date: 31/8/2025