Stamatia Petridou

MSc Agronomist

Born in Thessaloniki in 1989, Stamatia Petridou graduated from the University of Thessaly, Department of Agriculture, Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment in the city of Volos.

The in-depth observation of aquatic species on a multiannual basis, and the mechanisms that they manage to develop in exposed habitats threatened by anthropogenic intervention, unveiled the exogenous factors of activity that lead to the vulnerability of their natural ecosystems. 

2017, was the starting year of her postgraduate studies at the University of the Aegean in “Ecological Engineering and Climate Change” Program, conducted by the School of Environment, which she completed with her Master Thesis: “Food Waste Recovery and valorisation in fishfeed production industry ” in 2019.

She participated in the research group of Aristotle University in a project planned to test the reproduction and cultivation of the bearded horse mussel, an edible seashell, under controlled conditions during 2016-2017.

In March 2021, she joined the Organization for Local Development, ANATOLIKI S.A.. Since then, she has participated in the working teams of co-financed European projects (INTERREG EUROPE, Interreg MED), on schemes related to the management of Marine Protected areas and Circular Economy in the business sector. Today she participates in an awareness-raising educational program on the subject of waste management, conducted in school units all over the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki.