The Development Company ANATOLIKH A.E. was established in the form of a Societe Anonyme, according to P.D. 323/89 (K.D.K.), as a Center for Human Resources Development and Strengthening of the Local Economy of the wider area of Eastern Thessaloniki, in May 1995. In June 2021, it was transformed into a Local Government Development Organization within the framework of Law 4674/2020.

The establishment of ANATOLIKI SA arose through the characteristics and growth rates of the area, where dynamic coexistence of all sectors of the economy, intense change of uses and value of land, residential pressure and concentration of service activities of the Thessaloniki Urban Complex are identified. The area has more than 250,000 inhabitants in residential complexes with various characteristics, from dynamic parts of the Urban Complex to remote mountainous settlements.

In the area of Eastern Thessaloniki, the Local Government has decided to implement a strategic plan with the aim of transforming it into a green zone, respectively with similar international initiatives.

ANATOLIKI SA is a tool for a faster and more complete approach to this goal.

A key policy in its operation is the combination of parallel interventions in all sectors of society and the combination of elements of integrated development in all its individual actions, utilizing its participation in projects co-financed by EU programs.

With its transformation into a Development Organization, the possibilities of supporting the bodies of self-government in the field of study, supervision and construction of technical projects are expanded.

Its contribution specializes in the promotion of Recycling in the Municipalities of Eastern Thessaloniki and in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in the confrontation of employment, in the promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving, in the management of traffic, in the promotion of the circular economy, in the management of water resources, in the operation of social structures, in the operational planning of the Local Authorities and in the support of the operation of the Network of Greek Expatriates Elected Local Government of Europe.

An important asset for the implementation of the above objectives is the experienced and scientifically trained human resources of the company.

ANATOLIKH S.A. operates in the following axes:

  • Environment and infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Local Government Technical Support
  • Environmental education
  • Counseling support for school communities
  • Entrepreneurship-Employment
  • Social economy
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Agricultural development
  • Promoting innovation and new technologies

 Special attention is given:

  • in the sustainable management of natural resources with balanced development of all sectors of the economy
  • in strengthening the endogenous forces of development, especially the human resources
  • ensuring quality of life through the promotion of infrastructure, changing consumer patterns, enhancing information and cultural development
  • in the exchange of know-how and the introduction of innovation in the production process and in the administration and citizen service systems
  • promoting cooperation between public, private and social sectors to achieve common development goals
  • in promoting the goals of sustainable development and
  • in the technical support of the Local Authorities, for the study, supervision and construction of technical projects