International Volunteers’ Safety & Rercue Training in the BLACK SEA BASIN: CO-PREVENT 2023

Forty Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Moldovan volunteers of all ages and professional backgrounds took part in the international training on civil protection, fire safety and disaster prevention on May 10-12, 2023. The three-day Safety & Rescue training was held in Burgas region, Bulgaria as part of the European project Cooperation for disaster prevention and environmental monitoring in BSB (eMS Ref No: BSB – 802).

On the first day of the training the volunteers had to show all their physical skills in exercises such as climbing, crossing horizontal bars tied with a safety rope, rowing along an artificial water corridor, building waterproof dikes and carrying a wounded person down a multistore building. The training took place in the Vurli Bryag Educational Center of the Regional Directorate for Fire Safety and Civil Protection.

The training exercise of the second day was held in the LUKOIL oil plant of Burgas and included the demonstration of the extinguishment of a fire hazard caused by leak of high flammable chemicals.

Nikolai Nikolaev, the director of Regional Directorate for Fire Safety and Civil Protection in Burgas, handed the certificates for successful attendance to all volunteers on the third and final day of the training during their visit in the Civil Protection Center facilities.

The success of the Co-Prevent international training in Bulgaria underlines the high potential of cooperation between all four Black Sea Basin countries in case of emergency due to natural disasters: river flooding, forest fire and earthquake. ANATOLIKI S.A. would like to congratulate all volunteers who participated in the project.