Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH), 2020-2024

The EPAH initiative is supported by the European Commission and is implemented within the framework of the EU Energy Observatory for Energy Poverty, the Covenant of Mayors and the Clean Islands Initiatives for the EU Islands. It focuses on empowering stakeholders with local assessments, planning and actions in order to alleviate energy poverty. Its strategic goal is to eradicate energy poverty and accelerate the equitable energy transition of European regions, cities and villages.

The EPAH provides technical assistance to local and regional authorities to support policy-making and implementation of actions aimed at promoting a fair energy transition in their territory and alleviating energy poverty.

The Climate Alliance, as the lead partner of the consortium, will work with a wide range of local stakeholders, authorities, academia, NGOs, etc., who will contribute by providing knowledge, technical expertise and networking skills. In this way, the EPAH will create the right environment for local actions, while at the same time strengthening the support network for Municipalities, thus enabling them to undertake activities to address energy poverty.

Actions to be performed:

  • Identify best practices at local, municipal and / or regional level for tackling energy poverty,
  • Providing technical assistance to beneficiaries at local, municipal or regional level
  • Promotion of project actions, dissemination of results and capitalization
  • Energy Poverty Observatory
  • Management and coordination

In Greece, ANATOLIKI SA within the framework of the project, will organize three webinars, three live events and an online round table event with stakeholders during the implementation of the project.

The consortium consists of 13 organizations from 13 countries:

  • NOVA (Portugal)
  • ecoserveis (Spain)
  • Energy Agency of 3 countries (Ireland)
  • Office Climate Alliance Brussels (Belgium)
  • Office Climate Alliance Germany (Germany)
  • AISFOR (Italy)
  • DOOR (Croatia)
  • ANATOLIKI SA (Hellas)
  • Cyprus Energy Agency (Cyprus)
  • Climate Alliance Hungary (Hungary) Office
  • Sofia Energy Center (Bulgaria)
  • Ashoka (Romania)
  • Polish energy city network (Poland)

ANATOLIKI SA’ s Budget: 32.050,00 €

Start: 19/12/2020, End: 18/12/2024

Website: https://energy-poverty.ec.europa.eu/index_en