“Eco-marketing to promote Eco-industrial Parks”

ECOMARK project (2G-MED09-91) is being implementing in the framework of the Transnational Cooperation Program MED, bringing together partners from five member-states of the EU with the aim to promote the principles and practices of green marketing in industrial parks and industrial areas of the regions involved.

The project aims to reduce the environmental degradation of industrial areas through environmental, social and economic sustainability based on the principles of green marketing. These principles will be followed through the provision of innovative services in areas such as logistics, energy production and consumption and others.

This transnational cooperation aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Planning of innovative services for enterprises with surplus value in terms of innovation and environmental impact (e.g. logistics, energy efficiency, sustainable transportation)
  • Preparation of Green Marketing Plans to be implemented in industrial areas or industrial parks in order to achieve sustainable environmental management and high environmental quality
  • Implementation and evaluation of innovative services and Green Marketing Plans in all the involved regions

Coordinator: PROVINCE OF BOLOGNA – Economics Development (PROBO)

Partners: Eight partners from Italy Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia

Project budget: 1.661.695,43 € (100% co-financed by EU and national sources)

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 179.000 €

Start: 4/2010,End :12/2012