“Transferring Coastal Integrated governance for sustainable tourism”

ANATOLIKI SA participates in the new project MED COASTING + “Transferring Coastal Integrated governance for sustainable tourism”. The project is a capitalization of the project COASTING and aims to transfer its results to new areas of interest. Specifically, COASTING developed a multilevel governance tool for coastal areas with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism based on the principles of the ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) protocol.

During COASTING + the lead partner – the Association of Andalusian Municipalities and Communities – and the Croatian Development Agency DUNEA, will transfer the experience of the COASTING project to the rest of the project partners and train them on the tool of integrated coastal governance. These partners will select a study area and capture its current state regarding the institutional framework and management system of its coastal zone, stakeholders, environmental and socio-economic characteristics, good practices of sustainable tourism and integrated coastal management. A series of local information and training seminars around the proposed methodology of COASTING + will follow and an attempt will be made to adopt it in the study areas.
The Municipality of Aristotle participates in the project as an associated partner of ANATOLIKI SA. Introducing as study area the island of Ammouliani,


  1. Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces
  2. Regional Development Agency Dubrovnik-Neretva County – DUNEA
  3. Office of the Primeminister of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Government
  5. University of Camerino – School of Biosciences and Veterinary
  6. MedicineValencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces

Total Budget: 312.709,03 €

Budget for ANATOLIKI: 43.792,00 €

Start: 1/6/2021, End: 30/06/2022

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