Christos Vogiatzis

Board Member

Deputy Mayor of Technical Services, Municipality of Thermaikos

Christos Vogiatzis was born, raised, and is a permanent resident of Epanomi.

He holds a degree in pedagogical academy and a postgraduate degree in Public Administration. He works as a teacher at the Integration Department for Children with Special Needs at the 2nd Primary School of N. Kallikratia-Chalkidiki.

From an early age, he actively engaged in politics, participating in student councils and the student movement.

He served as the President of the Association of Primary Education Teachers of Chalkidiki (2004-2009), President of the Municipal Enterprise of the Municipality of Thermaikos (2011-2012), Deputy Mayor of Finance for the Municipality of Thermaikos (2013-2014), President of the Audit Committee of the Teachers’ Federation of Greece (2019-2022), Elected representative of teachers in the service council and the disciplinary council of the regional unit of Chalkidiki (2011-2023), and is a Member of the Scouts of Greece.

Since 2019, he has been the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services for the Municipality of Thermaikos and a Member of the Organization for Local Development, ANATOLIKI S.A.

He is married to Natasa Kotsogiannidou and the father of two sons, Antonis and Giorgos.