INTERREG V B – Adriatic Ionian – ADRION Programme
“Circular Economy for SMEs”

Each year Europe loses around 600 million tonnes of materials contained in waste, which could potentially be recycled or re-used benefiting businesses and the economy. In addition, rising environmental issues and concerns require us to modify our linear economy model, moving to a circular one. Promoting circular economy concept could bring substantial benefits in the EU, such as an increase of GDP up to 7%, savings of €600 billion – or 8% of annual turnover – for businesses, 170,000 direct jobs, while at the same time reducing total annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2-4%.

The Circular Economy for SMEs – CESME project aims to address and improve the effectiveness and impact of policy instruments, stimulating SMEs to overcome years of conventional production methods and shift towards green innovation – and circular economy at best. Through interregional meetings identifying good practices and by examining how best regional and local authorities and business development agencies can improve relevant policy instruments it supports the better design of packages to assist SMEs to enter the circular economy. Through the application of tools for quantifying the economic and social benefits of circular value chains, as well as the development of a white book that will provide guidance and information to SMEs to enter circular economy, the CESME partnership hopes to introduce new circular initiatives targeting SMEs.

The CESME was initiated by the Business Development Centre in North Denmark. The project partnership includes overall ten partners from six European countries: Denmark (DK), Italy (IT), Finland (FI), Bulgaria (BG), United Kingdom (UK) and Greece (GR). ANATOLIKI S.A. and the Region of Central Macedonia are the partners involved in the project from the Greek side.

Other partners are: North Denmark Region (DK), Metropolitan City of Bologna (IT), ERVET (IT), Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (FI), JPYP Business Service (FI), Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BG) and the Welsh Government (UK).
The project has a total budget of €1,630,000 and is co-funded by INTERREG Europe Programme.

Project budget: €1,630,000 (85% EU co-funding)

Budget of Anatoliki S.A.: €182,200

Start: 04/2016 End: 03/2020

INTERREG Europe website: www.interregeurope.eu

Website: https://projects2014-2020.interregeurope.eu/cesme/

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