“Cross-Border Alliance for Climate-Smart and Green Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin”

Agriculture sustains its high economic and social value for the Black Sea countries. However, its development has been seriously challenged by insufficient sustainability, poor adaptation to climate change, underutilization of the regional resources and of the enlarging marketing niche for organic produce. A marked improvement can occur when the main stakeholders in the agricultural sector – farmers, cooperatives, business support organizations, interest groups – joint forces to establish the philosophy and practice of climate-smart agriculture in the region.

Accordingly, AGREEN project aims to build capacities for networking and transnational knowledge transfer of the development of clime-smart agriculture in the Black Sea Basin, in view of increasing the trade opportunities, economic and social performance of the sector as a development driver in the Black Sea Basin. It pools the efforts of higher education institutions who lead in applied research for agriculture and agri-business, a biological farming business support organization – ELKANA together with the Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki Local Authorities.
The Agricultural Cooperative of Vassilika participates in the project as a collaborating body. The Cooperative will have the opportunity to monitor the work of AGREEN and to participate in the networking, consultation and training activities that will take place around smart agriculture and climate change.


  • Dobrudzha Agrarian and Business School (Bulgaria)
  • Ovidius University of Constanta (Romania)
  • Tekirdag Namik Kemal University (Turkey)
  • International Centre for Agribusiness Research and Education (Armenia)
  • Biological Farming Association ELKANA (Georgia)
  • ANATOLIKI S.A. (Greece)

Total Budget: 799.279,00 €

Budget for ANATOLIKI: 120.011,20 €

Start: 1/6/2020, End: 30/11/2022