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The 1st Local Focus Group Meeting of Volvi Municiaplity was implemented online

Having in mind the first worrying signs of tourism decline in the heart of summer, due to pandemic, the Local Focus Group of Volvi Municipality met online on Thursday, July 9th, 2020, via ZOOM platform, in the context of SUSTOWNS project.

SUSTOWNS project acknowledges that the growth of tourist flows over the years has not been smoothly developed, either due to mass tourism or due to the violent decline of tourism in pandemia. This sudden shift in the needs of small Mediterranean municipalities is upsetting the balance of the local community. The project therefore seeks to develop a methodology for normalizing these pressures through the promotion of alternative tourism.

The event was greeted by the Mayor of Volvi, Mr. Diamantis Liamas and the General Director of ANATOLIKI SA, Mr. Iakovos Sarigiannis. The project was briefly presented by Mrs. Kyriakopoulou Dimitra, Urban & Regional Planner. The special component of COVID-19, as a violent crisis that affects Tourism sector was analyzed by the General Director of The Development Agency of Karditsa Mr. Vassilis Bellis, in parallel mentioning the opportunities that are arising by the new situation.

The Secretary General of Volvi Municipality, Mr. Nikos Nikolopoulos, presented the intrinsic potential of Volvi for Alternative Tourism, making it clear that, given the natural attractions in the area, the next particularly important step is the development of synergies and local partnerships between local tourism businesses and the Municipal Authority. Finally, the President of the Tourist Accommodation Association of Asprovalta - Vrasna, Mr. Dimitris Frantzis, expressed his concern on the visible tourism decline in Volvi area, given that the movement of Balkan tourists to Greece has been banned again during the last days, due to COVID-19.

SUSTOWNS project is co-financed by Interreg MED program. The Development Agency of eastern Thessaloniki’s local Authorities-ANATOLIKI SA participates in the project in collaboration with the Municipalities of Volvi and Aristotle. The project will be completed in June 2022. The partnership includes 10 partners from 7 countries: Italy (Lead Partner), Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Albania, Croatia and Portugal.

Find more information on ANATOLIKI’s official website as well as the project website https://sustowns.





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