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Both online and in person held the event “A journey to business success” of PURE COSMOS Pilot Action!

Greek and foreign speakers shared big and small secrets to business successes on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at the event organized by the Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities, ANATOLIKI SA., coordinator of the Pilot Action "Central Macedonia Office for micro & small Enterprises", in the framework of the PURE COSMOS Regional Action Plan-PUblic authorities co-financed by the INTERREG EUROPE project Role Enhancing COmpetitiveness of SMeS.

The overall coordination of the meeting was held by Mrs. Eftychia Kivrakidou - Siozou, Director of Administrative - Financial Management and Human Resources Projects -ANATOLIKI SA. Some of the beneficiaries of the project attended in person the event at the tutoring center while others online.

The event, scheduled to take place online through the ZOOM platform, was finally held and in-person presence at the facilities of a secondary tutoring center in Kalamaria. The owner is one of the nine (9) entrepreneurs who has joined the actions of the pilot project and already started his professional career.

Mr. Konstantinos Pallas, Vice President of ANATOLIKI SA and Chairman of the Metropolitan Committee of Central Macedonia Region, Mr. Antonis Bouboulas, Thessaloniki’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mr. Iakovos Sarigiannis, General Director of ANATOLIKI SA and Project Manager of ANATOLIKI SA, welcomed the second event of the pilot action and wished success and effective work to all.

After the brief introduction of the project’s goals and its progress from Mrs Dimitra Kyriakopoulou, MSc Urban & Regional Planner, ANATOLIKI SA, the speakers of the event, Mr. Panos Siozos, LearnWorlds co-founder & CEO, Apostolina Tsaltampasi, General Director OECON GROUP & David Zibold, CEO at Wein: Sein through their speeches "Expanding from Thessaloniki to the global market”, “The female side of the dynamic "business" & “From a wine store to a digital marketplace - the story of Wein:Sein” presented the steps they followed to turn their business idea into a viable, profitable business.

Among speeches, participants expressed their thoughts and opinions regarding the progress of their (potential) business ventures.
The event ended with questions - answers session and enabled the group of young entrepreneurs to work with the presenters in order to encourage, guide with their knowledge and experiences and suggest the appropriate digital applications - tools as a step towards success of their businesses.




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