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3rd transnational partners meeting of the INTERREG MED project "SuSTowns"

The 3rd transnational partners meeting of the project "SuSTowns" "Enhancing SUStainable tourism attraction in small fascinating MED TOWNS", was successfully completed, on Thursday June 4th, 2020. This is the 2nd in a row meeting of the project carried out online reflecting the conditions created worldwide after the spread of the pandemic due to COVID 19 virus.

During the first part of the meeting all the partners pointed out the impact of this unpredictable and global threat on tourism. As SUSTOWNS is an INTERREG MED project, all partners come from Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, etc, which traditionally support their economy mainly by tourism sector.

Despite pandemia, the partnership seems to be very dynamic, having already formulated the Local Focus Groups in almost all pilot municipalities and have already started with the first local meetings. Partners shared local stakeholders’ worries on the future of tourism and highlighted the need to adapt the Total Quality Management methodology, promoted by SUSTOWNS, to COVID reality, so that the project helps and protects Mediterranean tourist areas against emergencies.

On behalf of ANATOLIKI SA, Dimitra Kyriakopoulou informed the partnership about the successful first Local Focus Group meeting of Aristotle Municipality, which was held online. Additionally, Mrs Kyriakopoulou, representing ANATOLIKI S.A. as the lead partner of the work package 4 which includes activitites of know-how and methodology transferring to new municipalitites other than the pilots, informed the partners on the national and international disemination plan that each partner has to organiz.

Last but not least, the meeting was attended by a guest speaker, a representative of the Horizontal project of INTERREG MED program entitled "Sustainable Tourism Community" which groups and promotes the actions of all Sustainable Tourism projects, including SUSTOWNS

The partnership renewed its appointment for September 2020, when the official Launch Conference of SusTowns project will be finally held, after being postponed due to pandemia lockdown.





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