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“Change the Power-(EM)power to change” Project for World Environment Day

14The Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities -ANATOLIKI SA-, participated in the World Environment Day event organized by the Municipality of Kalamaria, on Friday June 5th, 2020, with the project “Change the Power - (Em) power to change: Local Authorities towards SDGs and Climate Justice”, co-financed by DEAR. An outdoor exhibition with "Good Life is Simple" Campaign posters was set by ANATOLIKI SA to inform children and adults on simple ways of daily reduction of our ecological footprint. In addition, the public was informed about the upcoming online event "A movie-a discussion for the Amazon" to be organized by ANATOLIKI SA on June 11th and the tool "Change the future". The full poster campaign in four-fold postcards and an informative leaflet on “Change the future” tool was distributed to interested young people.

Due to COVID-19, the World Environment Day celebration was more of an open environmental walk, organized in the former Kodra Military camp, in Kalamaria. Parallel actions included crafts, cycling, outdoor games for preschool and elementary school children, cleaning of the camp by volunteer groups, as well as "social dialogue" with the Deputy Mayors of the and the Mayor of Kalamaria Municipality.




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