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The Project “PAL Network for Support of Roma Entrepreneurship” Erasmus + KA2 is successfully completed

The project “PAL Network for Support of Roma Entrepreneurship” Erasmus+ KA2 “Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices” is successfully completed. The Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities, ANATOLIKI SA participated as partner in the project, which started on 01/10/2017 and finished on 30/09/2019 and was co-funded by the European Union.

The Roma is the largest minority in Europe, with an estimated population of 10-12 million. Socially and economically, the Roma are also one of the Europe’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and frequently face intolerance, discrimination and exclusion. Many of them lack access to housing, healthcare, social services, employment and education. European countries have both a national and a joint responsibility to address the discrimination and exclusion of the Roma.

Along with ANATOLIKI S.A. seven other organizations from seven different countries were the partners of the project:

  • RomPraha (Lead Partner), Czech Republic,
  • Shoqata Shqiptare e Ambientalisteve Industriale, Albania,
  • UC Limburg, Belgium,
  • Oecon Group Bulgaria, Bulgaria,
  • Otvorena medijska grupacija, Croatia,
  • Fondazione Leone Moressa, Italy,
  • Univerzitetni Rehabilitacijski Institut Republike, Slovenia.

The aim of the project was to develop a comprehensive approach and endorse a number of goals in training and employment in order to enhance the Roma business initiatives and self-employment.

In the framework of the project the following actions were implemented in order to reach the targeted goals:

  • A Training Programme of 13 lessons on Roma Entrepreneurship
  • A multiplier event/info day organized in Dendropotamos in Thessaloniki to impact stakeholders and multiplier target groups in order to integrate their views on materials developed.
  • Design of a specific Guideline for organizing innovative Roma Camps
  • A 5-day training session on trainers’ capacity building skills in Italy
  • A 5-day pilot PAL Push Entrepreneurship Camp for Roma people trained on entrepreneurship in Prague
  • An E-learning Platform-available in all partners languages- for Roma Entrepreneurs with 13 lessons, in ppt presentations and videos on demand, and a User Manual
  • Sequence Board Game focused on Pal Push Entrepreneurship lessons and knowledge

The outputs of the program are available on the project’s site,, for anyone interested on the topics of Roma people and entrepreneurship.



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