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The educational activities and games for promoting alternative lifestyle have been completed

With the participation of more than 1500 children and a full duration of 107 hours, the Environmental Awareness Activities program implemented by ANATOLIKI S.A. are completed. The program was implemented in the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Thermi, Kalamaria and Pylea-Chortiatis in the framework of the Recreational Summer Activity Programs for children of employed parents, during summer 2019.

The educational activities, implemented in the framework of the project “Change the Power – (Em)power to Change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs & Climate Justice / EuropeAid” (co-funded by European Union) took place from 24th of June to 13th of August 2019, pursuing to capitalize the previous experience and raise awareness of as many children as possible.

Team games, quizzes and crafts were some of the tools used to enforce children to gain a holistic understanding of human existence and behavior, promoting their participation in all social functions and encouraging actions for the environment, climate justice and global cooperation. The activities were adapted to the cognitive and psychosocial level of each age and were organized on three thematics:

  1. Sustainable water management.
  2. Reduction of food waste.
  3. Sustainable energy management.



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