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RUMORE – 6th Interregional Project Partners Meeting – Burgas 12 and 13th of June 2019

The Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia on behalf of the Region of Central Macedonia and the Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities, ANATOLIKI S.A., took part in the 6th interregional meeting of the partners of the project «RUMORE Interreg Europe» which was held at Burgas, Bulgaria on 12 and 13th of June 2019 and was organized by the Region of Burgas.

The event was the basis for an exchange of experiences and discussions between the project partners and the representatives of the stakeholder groups on the issues of strengthening rural and urban partnerships and about the actions they will take in this direction, having as goal how to influence their regional policies.

The program of the event included speeches, presentations of the representatives of the Region of Burgas on development and innovation actions with particular emphasis on rural-urban synergies and on-the-spot study visits to selected Good Practice Institutions from the Region of Burgas on topics related to the objectives of RUMORE.

This event constituted a milestone for the work of the RUMORE program and gave the opportunity to the partners shortly before the completion of the 1st phase, to discuss the progress of the project and especially the development process of their Action Plans that are going to be implemented during the second Phase of the project, from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2021.

ANATOLIKI S.A. together with the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia are participating in the consortium of the project «RUMORE Interreg Europe» on behalf of the Region of Central Macedonia. A total of 8 partners from 5 European countries are participating in the project and the leading partner is the University of Hafencity in Hamburg. The project «RUMORE» seeks to improve the policies in the field of regional innovation policies by facilitating synergies and partnerships between rural and urban sectors.

The program «RUMORE Interreg Europe» is co-funded by the Territorial Cooperation Program INTERREG EUROPE.

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