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Anatoliki S.A. will be representing the project LIFE+11 ENV/GR/000942 OLIVE-CLIMA on the 16th of May at the “LIFE AWARDS 2019” award ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Brussels during the European Week of Environment “EU GREEN WEEK” claiming a distinction in the “Climate Change” category, along with four other projects selected as the most innovative, inspired and efficient projects in the above category.

Furthermore, on the 15th of May, the project was selected to participate in the “SparkShow” which is organized by the “SparkNews” in the context of the same week, where its main actions and critical achievements will be presented within 3΄ minutes. The “SparkShow” is an interactive event which aims at attracting the interest of the journalists and the public with the aim of giving more visibility to the project.

The project OLIVE-CLIMA has managed to reduce the Environmental Footprint of the olive and proved that the olive cultivation can be turned into a tool for tackling and mitigating climate change. The environmentally friendly practices of the project were implemented in 120 olive groves for five years with the participation of 52 farmers, 3 agricultural cooperatives and 10 partners. The areas where the practices have been applied are located in Crete at the Regional Unit of Heraklion at Peza, at the Regional Unit of Lasithio at Meramvellos and at the pilot olive groove of ELGO DIMITRA and in Peloponnese at the Regional Unit of Messinia at Nileas.

The project has managed to achieve its multiple goals and the main achievements were to:

  • Help strengthen long-term carbon dioxide storage in the soil and trees of the olive grove.
  • Prove that its environmentally friendly practices are more economically viable than the traditional ones.
  • Offer solutions for the sustainable management of waste, contributing to the modification of the institutional framework for the environmental permitting of olive presses (Joint Ministerial Decision 3924/2016), having a big impact on the agricultural policy.
  • Promote the financing of the wood chip shredder market, which was incorporated with the 4th amendment to the 2014-2020 Rural Development Program.
  • Participate in the development of the Olive Oil Protocol by the International Olive oil Council and the EU΄s Technical Secretariat for the “PEFCR for olive oil”
  • Organize 4 seminars in Greece and 1 seminar in Italy to train the farmers.
  • Develop 5 educational videos for farmers, available on the project website and on YouTuBe, with over 50.000 views till now.

Today, the partners of the project are promoting the adoption of the cultivation practices by the farmers and they are working for the certification of the olive cultivation practices of the OLIVE-CLIMA project, along with the EU΄s effort to develop the PEFCR for olive oil, aiming for a better position to the market for the olive products.



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