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"Change the power - (em) power to change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice": Εnvironmental awareness programs for Preschool aged children were successfully completed


The environmental awareness program for children of pre-school age, implemented by ANATOLIKI SA in the context of the project "Change the power - (Em)power to change: Local Authorities towards SDGs and Climate Justice" co-funded by EuropeAid was completed. The awareness program was implemented in the municipalities of Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, Thermi, Pilea-Chortiatis and Thermaikos, with the willing contribution of educators.
The Action started in June 2018 after the communication with the responsible officers in the municipalities involved and the heads of kindergartens. Educational material in three thematics and an Activity Handbook was produced by ANATOLIKI SA to inform and quide the educators. The three thematic units were :

  1. water management,
    2. reduction of food waste
    3. and energy management.

IMG 20190227 130528The program involved 29 kindergartens of the aforementioned Municipalities, 1180 children and 50 educators.
ANATOLIKI SA designed and produced stamps and a printed Weekly Performance tab, to mobilize and reward children. For every training environmentally friendly attitude recorded in any of the 3 themes, each child gained a relevant stamp.
Teachers and children involved in the program, were awarded certificates and prizes, at a warm ceremony during the 5th Recycling Festival held at the premises of Thessaloniki International Fair. During the Festival, ANATOLIKI SA held a pavilion in which team crafts of children was exhibited.



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