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A 5-day PAL PUSH Entrepreneurship Camp in Prague

Pal Push Team is organizing a five-day entrepreneurship camp in Prague from Monday to Friday, April 1-5, 2019, in the framework of the project “ PAL Network for Roma Entrepreneurship", co-financed by the Erasmus + Program. The camp is aiming to support 16 Roma to acquire knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship and help them in developing their business ideas. As an outcome, they will be able to develop their own business plans, be better equipped to deal with possible business difficulties that could appear or use their new achieved skills in their everyday Business reality.

Objectives of the Entrepreneurship Camp

The participants will

  1. Develop their knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and finance.
  2. Be guided in the development of their own business ideas and business plans.
  3. Be able to communicate each other and sharing knowledge and ideas

The PAL PUSH training is targeted in Roma who are interested in developing their own business idea and establish business / companies. The training will be conducted with 16 Roma coming from the 8 participant countries (Czech Republic, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia) and sent by each partner organization. The Romani future entrepreneurs- participants will be selected by interviewing on their experience, motivation, work/no work, knowledge on Business and Social Innovation etc and will work in groups. Each group will be consisted by one participant per country, and at the final day, each Roma has to be able to present his business idea/plan.

The Entrepreneurship Camp will provide participants with knowledge and skills through a combination of different methods of lectures, exercises and translating the ideas into business. The participants will have the chance to learn from partner experts, gain a comprehensive understanding of the key factors within the business sector in partners’ country, and to develop innovative and social entrepreneurship culture among Roma, understand what it takes to realize their business idea. The participants will be offered advice, instructions and various forms of support for their businesses at this very start-up phase.



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