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Extension of the 4th students’ photography competition entitled: «The Future we Want – Sustainable Management of Resources»

ANATOLIKI S.A. extends until 30 May 2021 the submission of photos for the Photography Competition entitled: “The Future we Want – Sustainable Management of Resources”. The competition is being organized for the third year in a row, for secondary school students from the Region of Central Macedonia.

The extension was deemed necessary due to the operating conditions of the schools as well as the prohibitive measures and restrictions on movements.

The special circumstances created worldwide by the pandemic are directly related to the theme of the competition. The environment and the 17 Sustainable Goals are more relevant than ever. Goals such as "Good Health and Well Being", "Quality Education", "Sustainable Cities and Communities" and "Climate Action" are just some of the goals that students can photoshoot by taking a look of what is happening in our country.

All students who love photography, and want to capture the changing world in their own way, can do so until May 30, 2021.

The competition seeks to raise awareness among young people by challenging them to become creative and to capture how they see the future through the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development

Photos do not have to be taken from visits to other areas. Responsibly and safely, the photos could show moments from the neighborhood, the short walks, the everyday life!


The submitted photographic material should be from the Region of Central Macedonia and necessarily mentioned the municipality.

The photos will have to be accompanied by a title and a reference to the goal of Sustainable Development to which the photo is associated.




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