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National Awareness Raising Event of the Project AGREEN in Greece
Online the first workshop of Community of Practice 1 "Immigrant integration strategies" of the CONNECTION project
Presentation and discussion about good Circular Economy Practices, Online Event on YouTube
Οnline Event on Circular Economy
The Pilot Action of “CEMaO-misme- Central Macedonia Office for micro & small Enterprises" of the ΙΝTERREG EUROPE/ Pure Cosmos project has been completed
The International Online Conference for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, was successfully implemented as a FINAL CONFERENCE OF PURE COSMOS project
Preparatory online meeting of CoP1 “Creating Strategic Approaches to Migrant Integration” of the CONNECTION-AMIF project
Online International Conference for Small and Medium Size Enterprises
ANATOLIKI S.A. participated in the 5th transnational meeting of the Erasmus+KA2 project “Wat.Edu”, for the environmental education of students
The educational activities for the environment and the promotion of alternative lifestyles have been completed
The 1st Local Focus Group Meeting of Volvi Municiaplity was implemented online
Online the second part of the launch meeting of the connection-AMIF project
Both online and in person held the event “A journey to business success” of PURE COSMOS Pilot Action!
Webinar on Community sponsorship of refugees
A journey to business success: Online event of PURE COSMOS Pilot Action
Highlitghs from the webinar on One-Stop-Shops
3rd transnational partners meeting of the INTERREG MED project "SuSTowns"
“Change the Power-(EM)power to change” Project for World Environment Day
The event «Overcoming difficulties - on the road to success» was successfully implemented under the PURE COSMOS Project
Interregional Online meeting of the European project INTERREG EUROPE "SUPPORT" on May 27, 2020
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