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Conference on Strategy & Actions for Enhancing Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Region of Central Macedonia

The Region of Central Macedonia, as the European Entrepreneurial Region for 2018, invites you to the Conference that organizes, on the Strategy and the actions of the Region to enhance Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The Conference is being organized in collaboration with ANATOLIKI SA which will present during the morning session, European good practices and the Regional Action Plan for the Region of Central Macedonia, in the context of PURE COSMOS Project-co-financed by Interreg Europe. The conference will also include the presentation of the New Programming Period 2021-2027, Calls for the Enhancement of Entrepreneurship 2014-2020 (will be announced in the near future).

The conference will take place on Wednesday December 12th 2018, in M2 building of Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Maurice Saltiel Hall), at 09:30 am.

For attending the conference please register:

Please find attached the Conference Agenda




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