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ANATOLIKI SA participated in the kick off meeting of Wat.Edu project

ANATOLIKI SA participated in the kick-off meeting of "Wat.Edu - Water Education for Innovative Environmental Learning" project, held on 15th and 16th November 2018, in Szombathely, Hungary.

The project, co-funded by the European Erasmus + program, aims at providing innovative tools for experimental, non-formal environmental education and awareness for pupils aged 12-14 year olds and their teachers. It creates a multidisciplinary approach in which students will be able to understand the interconnections of water resources with different subjects: i) physical and ii) social sciences, iii) arts, iv) water technology. Wat.Edu recognizes the issue of water as a horizontal element, which can be taught in every lesson (eg water and arts, water and geography, etc.)

During this first meeting, the deliverables were presented, as described in the Erasmus+ Project Application Form and the specialization of their content, mainly as regards to the dimension of their hyper-locality and their inter-regionality. Also, the involvement of schools,pupils and teachers in shaping and evaluating the activities and their educational effectiveness were discussed in detail and the organization of the pupils’ meeting from the four partner schools (the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki from Greece and three schools from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia).

Anatoliki SA , Experimental School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the partners from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, presented their organization and their expected contribution to the project.

Finally, management issues and requirements of the Managing Authority were discussed and co-decided, as well as the internal and external evaluation procedures of each partner and the results of the whole project.






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