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ΑΝΑΤΟLIKI SA in the second Project Meeting of Change the Power-(Em)power to change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice

ANATOLIKI SA participated in the second Project Meeting of “Change the Power-(Em)power to change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice”, on 21st & 22nd November 2018, organized in Gyor, Hungary.

During the project meeting, managerial issues were analyzed, along with the online tool, the Belo Monte Documentary and the “Good Life is simple” campaign. The Online Tool “Change the Future” will offer municipalities and individuals the opportunity to make a direct commitment to achieving a good life for all. Through promoting a creative competition, the tool will invite citizens to collect Changer Points for a better future. The tool will be free to use ( and will soon be available in Greek.

Belo Monte Documentary is the outcome of a long-term observation at the Belo Monte dam in Brazil. Its director, Martin Kessler, has produced a series of movies out of this. In 2016 he produced the Belo Monte documentary under the name “Countdown on River Xingu” which will be used for presentations and public discussions / events to foster public awareness on the impacts of energy production and use, pros & cons of RES, human and indigenous rights. The documentary will be subtitled into 10 languages, including Greek.

Last but not least, the “Good Life is simple” Campaign is already updated with new topics (energy, public transport, plastic packaging). In the campaign positive examples and new ways of living are showcased to empower citizens to become active. The campaign will be translated in 13 languages in total, including Greek.

During the Second Project Meeting, partners had the chance to exchange ideas on how to promote all these instruments of communication to better reach the wider public and sensitize local authorities for global action.

The EU-funded project “Change the Power - (Em)Power to Change” aims at empowering cities and regions in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. It will foster a growing awareness and understanding of global interdependencies among local authorities and their citizens. The project will enhance a change of behaviour in local populations through a wide range of events, workshops and educational materials, to cater for all tastes and ages.

The project consortium includes 20 project partners, is co-financed by EyropeAid Program and is being implemented from January 2018 to December 2020.






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