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The Erasmus + project “Ctrl + Alt + EnterPrise, Self-Employment for the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable People” was successfully completed

The Ctrl + Alt + EnterPrise, Self-Employment for the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable People project, which was financed by the European Union under the Erasmus + KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices - Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training, was successfully finalized in August, the 31th 2018, after three (3) years of implementation.

ANATOLIKI SA participated as a partner in the implementation of the project "Ctrl + Alt + EnterPrise, Self-Employment for the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Social Persons. under the coordination of the Italian Azienda per l'Assistenza Sanitaria n. 5 Friuli Occidentale (AAS5) in partnership with six (6) other European partners: Municipality of Pordenone - Ambito Urbano 6.5 (social services provider) - Italy, Soform Scarl - Italy, Social Cooperative Itaca - Italy, Mag Verona - Italy, Epralima - Escola Profissional do Alto Lima - Portugal, & Skup - Skupnost privatnih zavodov - Slovenia.

The project was aiming in contributing to the improvement of policies, strategies and measures on training and social-labor inclusion of disadvantaged people through the strengthening of the entrepreneurial training and self-employment development.

The partners implemented an analysis of existing practices for the evaluation of motives and skills necessary to start a business, an analysis of existing methods for the improvement of the business idea/ plan and an elaboration of a training program for starters intended to plan and develop the self-entrepreneurial activity. Finally, the project provided a shared model of support and assistance to the business startup for disadvantaged people after elaboration of the evaluation plan and evaluation of the outputs (models and experimentation).

IMG 0570On June, 13, 2018 was held the Closing International Workshop of the project entitled “a possible challenge” at Sala Ex Consiglio Provinciale, Largo San Giorgio 12, in Pordenone aiming at disseminating the outputs and the project results and promoting the sustainability of the results in all the Partner Countries. ANATOLIKI S.A., within the framework of the project, has developed four (4) business plans - for the establishment of a Private Capital Enterprise, two Social Cooperatives and one individual enterprise, the first three (3) in the field of food and recreation with the establishment of shops and last one (1) in providing dental services respectively. Two food service companies have already started.

The representatives of all the project Partners took part to the event, and also stakeholders andIMG 0451 involved operators of the public services of each partner country. During the event all the project Partners had the opportunity to present their output and results. An extended portion of time was devoted to the presentation of the voice of the protagonists, where beneficiaries by themselves in physical presence or short Videos collecting from participant’s experiences throughout the different project stages were presented.

Additionally, on June 12 & 14, 2018 was held the final transnational meeting of the project. Management issues discussed, related to the financial and administrative completion of the project, its closure actions as well as the required documents, the evaluation of the results of the multiplier event and their capitalization in a subsequent call for expressions of interest.




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