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PURE COSMOS: 5th LSG Meeting in the Region of Central Macedonia on good practices and import workshop

The 5th LSG Meeting in the Region of Central Macedonia was organized on 16/1/2018 at the headquarters of ANATOLIKI SA.

DSC00002Representatives of the Region, OK!Thess pre-incubator, Business Associations, The Chamber of Commerce and supporting mechanisms were present to discuss on the One Stop Shop for Entrepreneurs that RCM is planning to organize, initially servicing industrial enterprises and the OSS of Catalonia along with other catalonian good practices (Pre-accelerator Program, internationalization of Vouchers Program for Start-ups, Alternative Financing Catalogue) that were presented during the Study Visit in Barcelona at the end of November.

ANATOLIKI SA also invited “Epicheirein” -the Support and Development Centre for Enterpreuneurship of Kalamaria Municipality- and OK!thess, the pre-incubator of Thessaloniki Municipality-to present their competences, their organization, their actions and finally their vision of integrate their future actions in Regional Operational Program Calls to support their operation.

These Good practices were brought to table, so that the LSG members could come up with actions to be included in our PUR E COSMOS Regional Action Plan and to recognize common challenges with the RCM OSS and burdens to overcome.

The Region with the rest of LSG member prompted ANATOLIKI SA to organize an import workshop in May 2018 (23-31 May)on two thematics:

  1. The OSS, inviting Catalonian Experts and also Growth Hub experts
  2. Incubators, inviting also Catalonian Experts and also Growth Hub experts




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