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PAL actions were successfully completed

ANATOLIKI SA participated as a partner in the implementation of the European JUSTICE - PAL project entitled "Combating Roma Discrimination in Education and Employment in the EU", with 23 other partners from Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Greece.

The aim of the project was to promote a series of actions in Roma education and employment, through the training and information of the Roma, their teachers and Roma specialists on the possibilities resulting from the policies and legislation of the European Union, in order to accelerate the integration of the Roma. In addition, it aimed at strengthening initiatives where Roma participation was the key to long-term change in their education and employment.

Start: 1/2016, End: 12/2017
Leader partner UC Limburg, vzw (UCLL), Belgium

In the framework of the implementation of the project ANATOLIKI SA carried out the following actions:

Electronic Data Base: ANATOLIKI SA participated in the collection, through studies and surveys, of data and information on the Roma population, in particular on the educational and working situation of the Roma and their financial situation, as well as on the problems they face and the strategies to address them in the eight (8) partner countries of the PAL project. More than 100 reports were posted in electronic form, with free access for all interested parties.
For more information you can follow this link Resource Database Search: a common thesaurus with about 100 materials in 8 different languages

Press Conference: on Thursday September 29, 2016 at the Timber I Hall ofPal oloklirosi 01 the Porto Palace Hotel. More than 50 stakeholders attended the press conference, who were informed about the objectives, the actions that have been implemented and their results, as well as the activities to be implemented in Thessaloniki and Larissa as part of the PAL project.

Two-day International Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Project Partners:  On 29-30 September with the participation of forty (40) partners from all participating countries. The topics of the meeting concerned project coordination and management, presentation of implemented activities, development, progression and planning of future activities of the project as well as actions to raise awareness and dissemination of results. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Pal oloklirosi 02Kindergarten in the Agia Sophia settlement in Diavata, Thessaloniki, where 45 Roma students attended and discussed with the children and the residents of the area. Also good practices in the field of education and employment were presented by the father Athenagora Loukatari, member of the board of the Society for the Protection of Minors of the Ministry of Justice and Mr. Sabanis Panagiotis, president of the Roma settlement of Agia Sophia, respectively.

Pal oloklirosi 03RESEARCH: Education and Employment: the situation of the Roma in 8 EU Member States, 2016: In the framework of the project, a sample survey was conducted on the current educational and working situation of the Roma in 8 EU Member States / PAL partner countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Spain, and in addition 7 countries. The survey was conducted through a specially formulated questionnaire filled in exclusively by Roma, men and women, who were identified as Roma and were over 18 years of age. THE ANATOLIKI SA carried out a detailed analysis of the 455 collected questionnaires.

You can read the whole research in the following link:

Training Seminar of executives providing services to Roma: With the participation of many actors in our city, the training seminar of executives providing Roma services entitled "EDUCATION EDUCATORS: Prevention of discrimination in Roma Employment" was held on January 25, 2017, in the multi-use room on the ground floor of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Thermi, from 8.00-17.00.

Pal oloklirosi 0443 trainees from stakeholders such as the social services of the Thermi and Pavlos Melas municipalities, Roma Ombudsmen, Roma associations and associations, governmental and private bodies providing Roma services, the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), the Lighthouse of the World and teachers of the municipality of Pavlos Melas were drawn up as a priority in the areas of preventing and combating discrimination in the employment of Roma.
Participants were trained in the following sections:Pal oloklirosi 05

  • "BASIC EDUCATION": The Role of Executives Providing Services to Roma - Framework for Cooperation with the Roma, Cooperative Competences of Inductive Education and Conflict Prevention - Presentation of Strategic Skills Training, Roma Culture and Literature, Evolution and Welfare of Roma Communities.
  • "ADDITIONAL SECTIONS": Personal Development Techniques: Roma Assistance & Guidance, Communication Techniques: Active Listening, Public Speaking Techniques, Presentation of Roma Employment Opportunities

You can see the Roma educational and employment training materials created within the project by clicking on the following links:



Training Toolkit for training of trainers in educational field (Behavior and how to work with Roma people), WS3.1

Training Toolkit for training of trainers in employment field (Behavior and how to work with Roma people), WS 3.3

Roma Empowerment Actions: More than 200 participants participated in Roma Empowerment Actions in West Thessaloniki, implemented by ANATOLIKI SA in cooperation with the municipalities of Ampelokipoi-Menemeni & Delta.

Working directly with the Roma beneficiaries, especially young people, through their empowerment actions, a realistic link between their education and the general objectives of the PAL program was sought to help jobseekers transferring knowledge and experience to act actively and successfully and to directly ensure a positive impact on the Roma themselves. Part of the activities were implemented with educational inputs such as training in financial support and employment opportunities through participation in interactive workshops of small groups such as information and networking discussions of the unemployed (Roma and non-Roma) with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs / innovation support & through training courses for young Roma to raise awareness and acquire new skills in the field of self-employment.

In detail, the actions implemented:

  • Pal oloklirosi 06Event entitled "Personal Activation - Job Search Tips" on Friday 16 June 2017 at 10.00 am at the 5th Intercultural Elementary School of Menemeni, in Dendropotamos. The event was carried out under the auspices of the Municipality of Ambelokipoi-Menemeni and ANATOLIKI SA and attracted more than 100 Roma and non-Roma participants. In the first part of the event, speeches / presentations on issues of personal activation and information were held: Initiatives for Supporting Employment and Entrepreneurship at Local Level. NSRF programs & employment opportunities, the value of lifelong learning in job search. The first part was completed with a presentation highlighting the need for the Roma to move from delinquency to decent work. The second part was more interactive, experiential as the participants had the opportunity to be divided into groups and to discuss with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs / innovation support bodies and with specialized consultants on important topics such as CV writing, employment training, Employee, e-commerce, staff selection interview and employment contracts.
  • Pal oloklirosi 07"Entrepreneurship & Employment: Enhancing entrepreneurship" event, 22 June 2017, start time 10.00 am, Sindos Conference Center. The event was carried out with the collaboration of the "KEK Nefeli" Municipal Public Enterprise of Thessaloniki and the Development Company ANATOLIKI SA and attracted 56 Roma and non-Roma. The purpose of this event was to inform about the "business" and the skills of potential entrepreneurs with the ultimate goal of supporting entrepreneurship. The following topics were developed in detail: Entrepreneurship and Primary Sector, Skills leading to success and Skills of co-operation and promotion of products in the modern labor market.
  • Pal oloklirosi 08"Entrepreneurship & Employment: Supporting Entrepreneurship" event, June 22, 2017, start time 14.00 am, Sindos Conference Center. The event was carried out with the collaboration of the "KEK Nefeli" Municipal Public Enterprise of Thessaloniki and the Development Company ANATOLIKI SA and attracted 56 Roma and non-Roma. This event was aimed at young Roma who are now taking their first steps and wanting to be informed about starting a business adapted to the specificities of the Roma and the new conditions that prevail. The themes that were developed related to the Steps - Stages of Initiation of Individual Business, Social Entrepreneurship & Funding & Entrepreneurship Grants.


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