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3rd interregional project meeting of ENERJ INTERREG MED

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The 3rd interregional project meeting of ENERJ / INTERREG MED took place in Malta, on the 23rd and 24th November 2017. This meeting aimed at the design of the Joint Action Plans of the Municipalities involved for the improvement of their buildings’ energy efficiency. ANATOLIKI S.A., as the Lead Partner of ENERJ, took part and coordinated the Project meeting, where the entire consortium from all around Med Basin, representing Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia and Albania, also took active part.

During the meeting, partners confirmed the progress achieved in the implementation of the energy audits of the public buildings and the ways to better explore the web platform with the buildings’ energy data, currently under development. Finally, the consortium analysed and set the framework for the development of the Joint Action Plans for the improvement of the Energy Efficiency of buildings from a number of Municipalities, which constitutes the innovative aspect of the ENERJ project.







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