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ANATOLIKI SA participated in the last Project Meeting “EYD2015-the future we want”

ANATOLIKI SA participated in the last meeting of “EYD 2015 -The future we want” Project, co-financed by EuropeAid. The Meeting took place on 20 & 21 November 2017 at Climate Alliance Headquarters in Frankfurt. Representatives of all 16 partners came together to discuss on the project progress that leads to its completion on 23rd December 2017.

During the meeting a project evaluation took place highlighting the achievements of the project, the educational material developed, the internal weaknesses and the Results of ROM REVIEW implemented in May 2017.
Moderator of the Project Evaluation was Sandra Oliveira , member of the Development Education Awareness Raising Support Team for the Commission DEVCO/B2, who developed with the partnership the “Theory of Change” through the creative procedures of brainstorming.

20171120 174710Moreover, during the meeting, partners discussed with the Lead Partner on the financial report of the project’s third year and decided on internal deadlines assuring best flow of work.





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