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Event on Zoom Campaign organized by the Directorate of Kindergartens –Municipality of Thessaloniki

P1010075The Municipality of Thessaloniki having completed “Zoom–kids on the move” Campaign 2017, organized an event on 3rd of November 2017 at the amphitheater of Toumpa Cultural Centre(Kleanthous 57, Ano Toumpa).

Kids of the fifth Municipal Community of Thessaloniki participated in a protest walk on foot about the climate change, while holding placards and shouting slogans on the protection of the planet! The protest ended at the square in front of the Cultural Centre where kids collected garbage and recyclable materials that their teachers had scattered earlier. They were divided in two groups and collected all garbage in the relevant bins (green for garbage or blue for recyclable materials) in the context of an interactive game on recycling.

The President of the fourth municipal Board of Thessaloniki, Mr Tsiapakidis Konstantinos offered medals to kids and thanked the parents and the teachers for encouraging kids in participating in environmental actions. After the award, the kids performed on stage singing  dancing , showing  group messages and raising a mega banner to the audience.

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Lastly, ANATOLIKI SA presented the history and the aim of ZOOM CAMPAIGN and the “EYD2015-the future we want” project, kids’ individual or group crafts inspired by eco-friendly mobility and environmental protection along with all the educational material prepared by ANATOLIKI SA to help teachers implement the campaign.

ANATOLIKI SA invited all teachers from other schools or Kindergartens aw well,  to download the material and implement ZOOM Campaign for a more effective impact on a larger scale.





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