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673 pupils together collected 6594 green footprints

For the second time in Greece, 19 kindergartens from 5 Municipalities (Kalamaria, Pilea-Hortiatis, Thermaikos, Thermi and Thessaloniki) and 4 Centers for kids’ creative Activities in Thermi Municipality participated in “ZOOM Campaign- Kids on the move”, in the context of EYD2015-The future we want” Project co-financed by EuropeAid.


A total of 673 children took part in the activity and gathered 6594 "πράσινες πατούσες" or green footprints for every journey they made on foot within one week, leaving the car at home.

The teachers and the children, through a series of educational methods, such as painting, crafts, theater, singing, storytelling, music and movement activities, puns and on foot excursions learned about the negative impacts of car emissions on the environment and climate.

The teachers showed children alternative ways of transport in developing countries, the threats that animals and human beings are being exposed to because of the climate change, and how our immediate action can help Earth.

Children provided their wishes-political messages for better environment and used the motto “Good life is simple” very often. They asked for more flowers, less waste, less gas emissions and cleaner cities and seas. They also understood that walking to school offers them energy, time to meet friends and less traffic during rush hours.

Some pupils created slogans, cockades, posters and even songs for climate protection!

The ZOOM Campaign in Greece run thanks to the work of ANATOLIKI S.A

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