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Educational Activities and games on Climate Change and the global Role of the forest

Having participated 617 children from the municipalities of Thermi, Kalamaria and Pylea – Chortiatis, the Environment Awareness Program 2017 in partnership with ANATOLIKH SA has ended. The Environmental Awareness program was driven through the summer creative activities program of greek schools, occupying children of working parents.

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The summer creative activities Program was enriched with new activities and games under the thematic “Climate Change and the global role of forests”, which were developed in the context of “EYD2015 –the future we want-Local Authorities for sustainable Development” Project / EuropeAid, in which ANATOLIKI SA participates.

Aiming at familiarizing and informing the children on climate change and on the role of forests, children became active through creative group games and voluntary experiential learning. That way children earned holistic knowledge of human existence and behavior on the environment, by promoting their participation in social functionalities and by encouraging positive action on the environment.

Activities and games took place during July 2017 in 11 schools of the abovementioned municipalities in all age groups of primary education and included a series of experiential activities for each unit. Capitalising the experience og the environment awareness program 2016, the units followed were three:

  • Unit 1: «Learn the basic!»
  • Unit 2: «Learn the consequences!»
  • Unit 3: «Be part of the solution!»

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