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The Roma Empowerment Events in the European PAL project have been successfully completed

ANATOLIKI SA under the European program JUSTICE - PAL "Combating discrimination against Roma in education and employment in the EU" JUST/2014/RDIS/AG/DISC/8115, implemented Roma Enforcement Events with the participation of many Roma and social service officers of the municipalities of Ambelokipi-Menemeni and Delta, Roma mediators, members of Roma associations and associations, NGO executives and government & private sector agencies providing services to Roma in West Thessaloniki. The Roma Enforcement Events were implemented by ANATOLIKI S.A., partner in the European JUSTICE - PAL program in cooperation with the municipalities of Ampelokipon - Menemeni and Delta.

By engaging directly with the final beneficiaries – Romani people/youth - the training phase will seek to give realistic connections to the overall aims of the PAL Project. The PAL program aims to develop an integrated approach and to promote a range of actions in education and employment in order to accelerate the integration of the Roma.

The ultimate goal of Roma Empowerment Events was to help jobseekers giving knowledge and experience to act with passion and successfully and to directly secure a positive impact on the Roma themselves. Part of the activities were implemented at local training events- training on economic empowerment and employment opportunities including the organization of interactive workshops in small groups where the exchanging of information, discussion and networking of the unemployed participants (Roma and non-Roma) with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship / innovation support & counselors had been achieved - & training courses for young Roma with a view to informing them and acquiring new skills in self-employment.

In details, the actions implemented:

  • Event entitled "Personal Activation - Job Search Tips" on Friday 16 SAM 2416June 2017 at 10.00 am at the 5th Intercultural Elementary School of Menemeni, in Dendropotamos. The event was carried out under the auspices of the Municipality of Ambelokipoi-Menemeni and ANATOLIKI SA and attracted more than 100 Roma and non-Roma participants. The event was welcomed by Vice Mayor of Technical Services of the Municipality of Ambelokipoi-Menemeni, Mr. Vassilis Manolopoulos, the Archimandrite Athenagoras Lakataris and the General Manager of ANATOLIKI SA. Mr. Iakovos Sarigiannis emphasizing the importance of informing and activating the Roma themselves and the relation of the "education" of the Roma to the effort to develop opportunities in general and employment opportunities in the local the local community.
    In the first part of the event, speeches / presentations on issues of SAM 2449personal activation and information were held: Initiatives for Supporting and Supporting Employment and Entrepreneurship at Local Level. NSRF programs & employment opportunities, the value of lifelong learning in job search. The first part was completed with a presentation highlighting the need for the Roma to move from delinquency to decent work. The second part was more interactive, experiential as the participants had the opportunity to be divided into groups and to discuss with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs / innovation support bodies and with specialized consultants on important topics such as CV writing, employment training, Employee, e-commerce, staff selection interview and employment contracts.
  • Event entitled "Entrepreneurship & Employment: Enhancing  DSC0001Entrepreneurship" on Thursday, June 22, 2017, starting at 10.00 am at the Sindos Conference Center. The event was implemented with the collaboration of the "VET Nefeli" Public Development Enterprise of Thessaloniki and ANATOLIKI SA and attracted 60 Roma and non-Roma. The event was welcomed by the vice-Regional governor of Public Health Mrs Gerakina Bisbina and greetings were sent by the Mayor of municipality of Delta Mr Efthimios Fotopoulos, and read be the General Secretary of the Municipality of Delta Mrs. Anastasia Sismanidou mentioning that it is a primary necessity of the Local Authorities to ensure maximum exploitation of the Community resources by bringing together the modern business, the self-employed and the unemployed in new tools. Tools that can enable them to enhance their competitiveness, focus on new, innovative products, services and business sectors entering the labor market, taking advantage of their qualifications and the unique comparative advantages offered by our region.
    The purpose of this event was to inform about the "business" and the skills of potential entrepreneurs with the ultimate goal of boosting entrepreneurship. The following topics were developed: Entrepreneurship and Primary Sector where the process and conditions for young farmers' support were described, Skills that direct a potential entrepreneur towards success. The event was completed with the interactive presentation of Mr. Belidis Athanasios, Professor of technological Institution of Thessaloniki who spoke and exchanged views with the participants on the Skills of Cooperation and Promotion of Products in the Modern Labor Market.
  • Event entitled "Entrepreneurship and Employment: Supporting DSC0026 Entrepreneurship", Thursday, 22 June 2017, start time at 14.00 at the Sindos Conference Center. The event was implemented with the collaboration of the "VET Nefeli" and ANATOLIKI SA and attracted 56 Roma and non-Roma. This event was addressed to young Roma who are now taking their first steps and want to be informed about the starting up a new business and the new conditions that prevail. The themes that were developed related to Steps - Stages of Initiation of Individual Business, Social Entrepreneurship & Funding Modes & Business Grants





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