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The Lobby Event on “Climate Change Challenges and Local Authorities” was completed

 DSC0637The organization of the round table under the title “Climate Change Challenges and Local Authorities”, was a success! In the discussion participated the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Socratis Fammelos, the Professor of Meteorology & Climatology of AUTh Mr. Theodoros Karakostas, the Mayor of Kozani Mr. Lefteris Ioannidis, the Professor of Biology School AUTh & Director of Ecology department Mrs Despina Vokou, the Professor & Director of Construction Process Equipment Laboratory AUTH Mr. Agis Papadopoulos, the Professor Emeritus & former Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and Transport Networks / CERTH Mr George Giannopoulos and , last but not least, the Professor of Civil Engineering AUTh and Managing Director of “Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A-EYATH”, Mr. John Krestenitis

 DSC0721The Lobby Event was organized by ANATOLIKI SA , in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki on Friday May 12th 2017,in the context of the parallel events of the 3rd Thessaloniki Recycling Festival and EYD 2015 - The Future We Want" project ", co-funded by the EuropeAid Program.

The round table discussion was inspired and motivated by the interventions and questions posed to Professors and the Minister by the Environmental Team of the 1st Gymnasium of Peraia.








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