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Announcement of oLIVE-CLIMA International Conference “Climate Changing Agriculture”, Chania, Greece, 29/8-2/9/2017

LIFE11 ENV/GR/942 oLIVE-CLIMA is organizing an international conference on climate change. This 5 day event will be realized in Chania, Greece 29/8-2/9/2017.
The scientific sessions are:

  1. Crop management for climate change mitigation and adaptation,
  2. Natural resources conservation,
  3. GIS and remote sensing,
  4. Environmental certification.

Keynote speakers of international reputation are confirmed (Prof. Cristos Xyloyannis, University of Basilicata, Italy, Prof. Luuk Fleskens, Soil Physics and Land Management Group of Wageningen University, NL and School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, UK, Prof. Mauro Centritto, National Research Council, Italy).

This is an excellent opportunity for researchers and consultants to present their work, network with relevant groups and catch up with the most recent state of the art on climate change research, policy and market topics.

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