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More than 85% of the annual electricity consumption was covered by the operation of the photovoltaic system in ANATOLIKI SA

A year of operation of the photovoltaic (PV) system was completed, in July 2020, which was installed on the roof of the offices of the ANATOLIKI SA, in Thermi, in the form of NET-METERING.

The PV system has a power of 10 KWp, and the annual energy production amounted to 16,320 kWh, covering 85.6% of the annual electricity consumption of the building installations (19,053 KWh), according to the latest data for the period 5/8 /2019 to 7/8/2020.

In particular, from the 16,320 kWh produced by the Photovoltaic system, ANATOLIKI SA consumed 8,329 kWh locally, offered 7,991 kWh to the Network, while it consumed 10,724kWh from the Energy grid.

At the same time, during its twelve-month operation, the system reduced the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), by 15.98 tons, due to the use of RES.

The depreciation of the system, based on the current price of electricity (0.11058 € / KWh), is estimated to be completed in 6 years, while the service life of PV is estimated at 20 years minimum.

The following Diagram shows the production of electricity from the installation of Photovoltaics for that one year of operation.







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