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“Transferring Coastal Integrated governance for sustainable tourism”

ANATOLIKI SA participates in the new project MED COASTING + "Transferring Coastal Integrated governance for sustainable tourism". The project is a capitalization of the project COASTING and aims to transfer its results to new areas of interest. Specifically, COASTING developed a multilevel governance tool for coastal areas with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism based on the principles of the ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) protocol.

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Cross-Border Alliance for Climate-Smart and Green Agriculture in the Black Sea Basin

Agriculture sustains its high economic and social value for the Black Sea countries. However, its development has been seriously challenged by insufficient sustainability, poor adaptation to climate change, underutilization of the regional resources and of the enlarging marketing niche for organic produce. A marked improvement can occur when the main stakeholders in the agricultural sector – farmers, cooperatives, business support organizations, interest groups – joint forces to establish the philosophy and practice of climate-smart agriculture in the region.

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Enhancing SUStainable tourism attraction in small fascinating MED TOWNS

The Mediterranean region is characterized by numerous small towns, which have become tourist destinations over time, attracting many visitors thus favoring both economic growth and spatial expansion. The fluctuation of these tourist flows, however, has not progressed smoothly over the years, creating big needs in a short period of time for municipalities lacking the necessary infrastructure, causing over-priced services to the local community.

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Enhancing the Entrepreneurship of SMEs in Circular Economy
of the Agri-Food Chain

Circular economy is a new approach of economic development models. It provides the potential to use one’s waste as resource input to others productive chain thus offering a longer life cycle of the products and a more environmentally friendly business approach. This regenerative system is of high priority in the EU.

SinCE-AFC is being developed along with the on-going EU action plan for Circular Economy and the respective National Circular Economy Action Plans across the EU countries.

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RUMORE is an Interreg Europe project, aiming at improving policies in the field of regional innovation strategies by facilitating rural-urban cooperation and partnerships.

Huge potentials for growth and job creation remain unused, because urban – often more innovative – cores and surrounding rural parts are not well linked in terms of innovation chains, hence exhibiting a gap for joint innovation policy and effects for regional development.

Clusters and regional innovation strategies are often too focused on cities, thus ignoring the stakeholders (e.g. R+D institutions, innovative enterprises) in the rural and peripheral areas who then cannot unfold their full spectrum and chances.

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PUblic authorities Role Enhancing COmpetitiveness of SMeS

PURE COSMOS brings together two of the big challenges facing the EU: the need to stimulate and support SMEs and the need to reduce the weight of public administration.

So PURE COSMOS aims to improve the effectiveness of public support for SMEs by 15%, cutting costs by 10% and improving quality by 20%. Τhe project will develop highly integrated approaches to deliver these improvements and we will especially target entrepreneurs aged 25-40. It will improve regional policies through innovative new projects and by improving governance so that the different stakeholders can agree common solutions. This will be done by analysing partners’ plans through peer review and by identifying good practices that will improve these plans, studying them through Study Visits, importing them via special workshops and Regional Action Plans.

The project will work closely with the SMEs. The project’s main outputs will benefit SMEs, especially young entrepreneurs. Main outputs are new projects to implement advanced services (e-payments tools, One Stop Shop, “digital by default” models, digital-skills support) and improved governance through IT administrative solutions, regional legislation review, simplifying and speed up the launching of new businesses calls.
All Action Plans will be prepared using intense cooperation between the key decision-makers (horizontal cooperation) and between the city and the MAs (vertical cooperation). The project will also work closely with the IE Policy Learning Platform.
The project partnership includes overall eight partners from seven European countries. Lead Partner is the Municipality of Genoa; Italy. Rest of partners are:
1. Municipality of Florence, Italy
2. Hajdu-Bihar County Government
3. Development Bank of Saxony-Anhalt – Magdeburg, Kreisfreie Stadt, Germany
4. Birmingham City Council – Birmingham, United Kingdom
5. Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities (ANATOLIKI SA) – Thermi, Greece
6. Usti Region – Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
7. Government of Catalonia, Spain

The project has a total budget of €1.818.572 and is co-funded by INTERREG Europe Programme.


Project budget: € 1.818.572 (85% EU co-funding)

Budget of Anatoliki S.A.: €147.137

Start: 04/2016 End: 03/2021

INTERREG Europe website:

The PURE COSMOS Website:

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Expert Paper Birmingham

Expert Paper Genova


The Good Practice Register of PURE COSMOS is now available!
Check here the Good Practices that partners from Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Greece have registered and get inspired!

Pilot Action" Central Macedonia Office for micro & small Enterprises (CeMaO-misme)”


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Circular Economy for SMEs


Each year Europe loses around 600 million tonnes of materials contained in waste, which could potentially be recycled or re-used benefiting businesses and the economy. In addition, rising environmental issues and concerns require us to modify our linear economy model, moving to a circular one. Promoting circular economy concept could bring substantial benefits in the EU, such as an increase of GDP up to 7%, savings of €600 billion - or 8% of annual turnover - for businesses, 170,000 direct jobs, while at the same time reducing total annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2-4%.
The Circular Economy for SMEs - CESME project aims to address and improve the effectiveness and impact of policy instruments, stimulating SMEs to overcome years of conventional production methods and shift towards green innovation – and circular economy at best. Through interregional meetings identifying good practices and by examining how best regional and local authorities and business development agencies can improve relevant policy instruments it supports the better design of packages to assist SMEs to enter the circular economy. Through the application of tools for quantifying the economic and social benefits of circular value chains, as well as the development of a white book that will provide guidance and information to SMEs to enter circular economy, the CESME partnership hopes to introduce new circular initiatives targeting SMEs.
The CESME was initiated by the Business Development Centre in North Denmark. The project partnership includes overall ten partners from six European countries: Denmark (DK), Italy (IT), Finland (FI), Bulgaria (BG), United Kingdom (UK) and Greece (GR). ANATOLIKI S.A. and the Region of Central Macedonia are the partners involved in the project from the Greek side.

Other partners are: North Denmark Region (DK), Metropolitan City of Bologna (IT), ERVET (IT), Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (FI), JPYP Business Service (FI), Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BG) and the Welsh Government (UK).
The project has a total budget of €1,630,000 and is co-funded by INTERREG Europe Programme.

Project budget: €1,630,000 (85% EU co-funding)

Budget of Anatoliki S.A.: €182,200

Start: 04/2016 End: 03/2020

INTERREG Europe website:

The CESME Website:

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1st Newslleter for SMEs

1st Newslleter for policymakers

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Innovation in the Cloud bridging Universities and Businesses

Cloud computing is now defining the future in ICT, facilitating new corporate and entrepreneurship models at all levels. It is a breakthrough paradigm that, applied to companies, public administrations and Universities, can enhance their innovation, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness.

The IN-CLOUD project has been designed in order to raise awareness among European Companies, Public Administrations and Universities regarding how cloud services and technologies can boost economical growth and innovation. This result is pursued by creating VET qualifications for professionals inside European Companies and Public Administrations, and training them to introduce and manage cloud technologies and services inside their systems.

The IN-CLOUD partnership involves 8 partners coming from 6 different countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece and Portugal).

The main outputs of the IN-CLOUD project are:

  • an analysis of the training needs and of the professional skills related to cloud services and technologies
  • the design of VET Qualifications in the area of cloud computing, based on the European Lifelong Learning instruments (EQF, ECVET and EQAVET)
  • a collection of interview and showcases, demonstrating real applications of cloud services and technologies
  • the production and delivery of training courses aimed at achieving the VET Qualifications
  • the realization of a virtual bootcamp for an open and continue training in the area of cloud computing.

Training courses are now available in all partner languages, including Greek, and subscription/registration is available for free.

There are no restrictions on days/hours and total time available or dedicated from the student to the courses: all of them are video-recorded, in all available languages, and offered via internet on the web site of the project:

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Smarter EU Public Administrations


Partners: IAT, AΝΑΤΟΛΙΚΗΑ.Ε., Murcia, IPT, District Government Bourgas

Project budget: 110.000

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 21.000

Start : 8/2013,  End : 7/2015 






Marketing and govERning innovative industrial areas


Coordinator: PROVINCE OF BOLOGNA - Economics Development (PROBO)

Partners: Eleven (11) partners from eight (8) countries of the EU (Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta)

Project budget: 1.125.000,00 (85% EU cofinancing % 15% national co-financing )

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 100.000,00

Start: 6/2013,End:11/2014 


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Eco-marketing to promote Eco-industrial Parks


ECOMARK project (2G-MED09-91) is being implementing in the framework of the Transnational Cooperation Program MED ( ), bringing together partners from five member-states of the EU with the aim to promote the principles and practices of green marketing in industrial parks and industrial areas of the regions involved.

The project aims to reduce the environmental degradation of industrial areas through environmental, social and economic sustainability based on the principles of green marketing. These principles will be followed through the provision of innovative services in areas such as logistics, energy production and consumption and others.

This transnational cooperation aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Planning of innovative services for enterprises with surplus value in terms of innovation and environmental impact (e.g. logistics, energy efficiency, sustainable transportation)
  • Preparation of Green Marketing Plans to be implemented in industrial areas or industrial parks in order to achieve sustainable environmental management and high environmental quality
  • Implementation and evaluation of innovative services and Green Marketing Plans in all the involved regions


Coordinator: PROVINCE OF BOLOGNA - Economics Development (PROBO)

Partners: Eight partners from Italy Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia

Project budget: 1.661.695,43 € (100% co-financed by EU and national sources)

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 179.000 

Start: 4/2010,End :12/2012



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SEE - AsviLoc+

Agency Supporting Value of Innovation System in Regional and Local Economies 


Coordinator: Development Agency of theMarchePrefecture of Italy

Partners: 13 Development Agencies from Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia & Croatia

Project budget: 2.352.940 

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 188.235 (100% co-financed by EU and national sources)

Start : 3/2009, End : 6/2012



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