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Black Sea Basin ENI CBC 2014-2020

Cooperation for disaster prevention and environmental monitoring in Black Sea Basin

Co-PREVENT European project aims to promote sustainable development of partnership between four disaster management specialized institutions in Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova and Greece responsible for monitoring, prevention and taking needful actions in the case of emergencies in the Black Sea Basin.

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Erasmus ClimateChampion logo

 Climate Champions - Local Learning Communities

ERASMUS+ KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Climate change is the greatest challenge and opportunity of our times. Across the EU, communities are vulnerable to climate change and Europe's biodiversity continues to be eroded. Recent data shows that 60% of species and 77% of habitat assessments show persistent habitat loss, diffuse pollution, over-exploitation of resources, growing impact of invasive species and climate change contributing cumulatively. Never has building community resilience, improving sustainable lifestyles and business practices been such a high priority.

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INTERREG V B – Adriatic Ionian - ADRION Programme

Project CIRCLE - Circular Innovation and Resilient City Labs in the Adrion Region

The aim of the CIRCLE project is to encourage cooperation between municipalities, waste management companies, research centers and development institutions with the aim of creating Innovative City Labs for sustainable waste management and the adoption of cost-effective practices. These workshops will provide concrete examples and especially innovative waste management models to be piloted in selected urban areas of the Adriatic.

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Promoting multilevel governance for tuning up biodiversity protection in marine areas

The INTERREG MEDITERRANEAN “TUNE UP” project has multiple objectives, addressing the need for a strategic and collaborative approach to the management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and biodiversity protection, through testing and use of a governance tool involving various stakeholders, based on the experience of the River / Wetlands Contracts tested by the INTERREG MED project 'WETNET'.

The “TUNE UP” project builds on the results of 'MED WETNET', taking advantage of the flexibility and feasibility of the river / wetland methodology, developing further the MPAs management and evaluating its effectiveness through the implementation of 10 MPAs by the project partners.

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Wat.Edu - Water Education for Innovative Environmental Learning

The project aims at providing innovative tools for experimental, non-formal (interactive) environmental education and water-focused awareness raising and environmental skill development of 12-14-year-old pupils and their teachers.
The project attempts a multidisciplinary approach, where pupils aged between 12 and 14 will be able to understand relevant water interlinkages between different subjects: i) natural and ii) social sciences, iii) arts, iv) water technology. (as horizontal learning element involved in each subject). Wat.Edu recognizes the issue of water as a horizontal element, which can be taught in every lesson (eg water in arts, water in geography, etc.)

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Change the power – (em)power to change: Local authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice

Having in mind that the political commitment to the SDGs requires localizing the goals in cities and promoting them, the project’s overall objective is to strengthen the role of LAs in implementing the SDGs, enhance the critical perception and change of behavior. This means an empowerment of LAs and ALAs. LAs are consumers and providers of services and goods and they play an important role in the management and use of natural resources. They can also set up powerful examples in promoting the use of renewable energies. As the governance level closest to the people, they also play a vital role in educating, mobilizing and motivating the involvement and engagement of civil society towards sustainable development.

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 web BEST U

“Interreg V-A Cooperation Programme GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020”

Within the framework of the Interreg V-A Cooperation Program GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020, the project entitled «Best Water Use», co-funded by the European Union, is being implemented to improve water management. More specifically, the main priority of the project is the promotion of innovative technologies to improve the protection of the environment and the efficient use of water resources and soil protection.

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European Year for Development- The Future we Want- Local Authorities for Sustainable Development

Coordinator : ClimateAlliance, Germany

Partners: Climate Alliance Brussels, Climate Alliance Luxembourg/ASTM, Climate Alliance Austria, Nadace Partnerstvi-Czech Republic, Climate Alliance Hungary / Reflex Environmental Association, Focus Eco-Romenai Center, OroVerde-Germany, Kate Germany, IMRO DDKK-Hungary, Development Agency of Eastern Theassoliniki’s Local Authorities-Greece, City of Munich,-Germany, City of Bonn-Germany, City of Wels-Austria, City of Zoersel-Belgium, City of Cascais-Portugal, City of Tirgu Mures-Romania, City of Daruvar-Croatia, City of Nagykanizsa- Hungary, Comunidad de Sarayaku, Subgerencia de Desarrollo del Pueblo Asháninka, FOIRN – Federação das Organizações Indígenas do Rio Negro, COICA – Coordinadora de las organizaciones indígenas del la Cuenca amazónica, Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza, Associación PATUCA, Honduras 

Project budget: 2.812.135 €

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 126.750,05 € (85% EU co-funding)

Start : 23/12/2014 End : 23/12/2017


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 olive clima logo

Introduction of new olive crop management practices focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation


Coordinator : Anatoliki s.a.

Partners: NAGREF Elgo-Demeter, Institute for olive tree & subtropical plants of Chania,  Land Reclamation Institute Thessaloniki,Soil Science Institute of Athens,  RODAXAGROltd.,  University of Basilicata, Agrotypos s.a., Agricultural Cooperatives of Nileas, Peza and Mirabello

Project budget: 3.649.373

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 315.089 (50% EU co-funding)

Start : 10/2012,End :9/2017





FUSION -Food Use for Social Innovation by optimizing waste prevention Strategies


Coordinator: Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO) Netherlands

Partners: 21 partners from 13 countries (Netherlands, England, Italy, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Greece)

Project budget: 3.999.901,23

Budget Anatoliki s.a.:  72.140,91

Start 10/2012,End 9/2016






Cr-EAT-ive Schools


Coordinator: The Waste Resource Action Programme_WRAP, UK

Partners: Anatoliki s.a., Municipal Kindergartens of Eastern Thessaloniki, Kindergarten « The school of nature», American Farm School kindergarten

Project budget: 42.075

Start : 04/2014,End :10/2015




LIFE07 ENV/GR/000278 - Soil Sustainability (So.S.)

“Sustainable Soil Management in the Anthemountas river basin under the EU Soil Thematic Strategy”


Coordinator: Anatoliki s.a.

Partners: Spiridis-Koutalou LLP-YETOS (HYETOS), Greece Hellenic Agricultural Organisation "DEMETER" - Land Reclamation Institute (LRI-NAGREF), Greece Intergeo Environmental Technology Ltd. (INTERGEO), Greece Decentralised Administration of Macedonia and Thrace, Greece Regional Development Fund-Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

Project budget: 1.572.745 

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 571.015(50% EU co-funding.) Additional co-financing from the Municipality of Thermi, Vasilika and Anthemountas

Start : 1/2009 End : 6/2012

Website: www





“Sustainable Water Management through Common Responsibility enhancement in Mediterranean River Basins” 


Coordinator: ΑΝΑΤΟΛΙΚΗΑ.Ε.

Partners: 5 partners from Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus

Project budget: 1.008.500 

Budget Anatoliki s.a.:  328.500 

Start : 6/2009,End :5/2012

Website: www


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water agenda-Logo


"Development and implementation of integrated water resources management policy to a river basin, through the application of a social wide local agreement, based on the principles of Agenda 21 and the provisions of Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC."


Coordinator: ANATOLIKI s.a.


Region of Central Macedonia

Municipality of Thermi

National technical University of Athens

National centre for the Environment and sustainable development

Municipality of Milan, Italy

Agbar Foundation


Project budget: 1.403.235 €

Budget Anatoliki s.a.: 328.500 

Start : 9/2004,End : 10/2007






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