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  • Promotion of innovation and green growth in the local and regional economy

  • Conduction of operational plans for Municipalities

  • Conduction of operational plans for the development of areas of special interest

  • Conduction of operational plans for touristic development

  • Conduction of Sustainable Energy Action Plans

  • Conduction of Sustainable Mobility Action Plans

  • Conduction of Green Marketing Plans

  • Design of management and staff regulations

  • Feasibility of studies for the establishment and transformation of businesses

  • Design and organisational support for social consultation procedures

  • Support to Local Authorities for the implementation of NSRF projects

  • Support for engineering project studies

  • Digital applications for public administration

  • Support to Local Authorities to develop and submit proposals to Information Society programmes and other similar operational programmes

  • Digitization and monitoring of networks. Thematic maps of natural, social and development sources (GIS)

  • Processing of satellite images, production of digital terrain model (GIS)

  • Support for applications of inter-municipal cooperation

  • Support to Local Authorities during certification procedures for managerial capacity

  • Organisational support for the implementation of specific programmes

  • Implementation of new technology application programmes

  • Implementation of programmes concerning the promotion of alternative tourism

  • Support to enterprises and cooperatives for their inclusion in investment programmes – preparation and submission of dossier

  • Implementation of programmes concerning the support of SMEs

  • Support for women’s entrepreneurship

  • Support to farmers for crop restructuring, organic farming and irrigation systems

  • Design and operation of information centers for agriculture

  • Support towards new farmer, women’s cooperatives and traditional products promotion groups

  • Planning and support for agricultural products standardization units, agro tourism investments and cooperatives

  • Support for setting up enterprises that operate in the social economy 




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