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  • Organisation and operation of Employment Promotion Offices

  • Organisation and operation of Local Networks of Employment and Development of the local economy

  • Provision of integrated school consulting services, implementation of psychosocial support programs for school communities

  • Group counseling and support for parents

  • Organisation of creative workshops for school and pre-school children

  • Provision of consulting  services to Enterprises

  • Operation of certified centre for provision of supporting services to socially disadvantaged groups

  • Provision of primary social support in special target groups (elderly, womean single parents, people with disabilities, immigrants etc)

  • Health education and primary mental health prevention activities

  • Operation of social support services ( Home care for the elderly etc)

  • Participation in initiatives of social cohesion empowerment, in cooperation with Local Authorities, social stakeholders, NGOs and social services institutions

  • Promotion of cultural initiatives that introduce innovative practices and the participation of youth

  • Research, study and documentation of social needs for the design and evaluation of local government development interventions in the field of human resources

  • Management and implementation of European programmes and community initiatives on issues of social development and employment on local authority level

  • Organisation and implementation of initiatives of awareness raising and empowerment of the citizens society on issues of sustainable development 





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