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  • Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental permits

  • Design and implementation of environmental education and awareness raising activities

  • Technical advisory services for environmental projects

  • Feasibility studies and funding applications to national and European financial instruments

  • Planning and authorization of management, collection and other waste pilot actions at LA and CAMS level

  • Studies, permits and feasibility design for solid waste collection, treatment, transport and disposal units

  • Organisation of programmes for waste reduction and recycling and information activities

  • Support for special waste management

  • Feasibility studies, planning and licensing for collective alternative waste management systems 

  • Water resource management on water basin level. Design and planning of water projects  

  • Design and licensing of aquifer recharge works, dams, stream flow & torrent management works and forest engineering works

  • Restructuring design of irrigation systems and networks

  • Programming of irrigation systems, monitoring and evaluation of water consumption and preparation of pricing policy

  • Monitoring quality and quantity of water and soil resources  and pressure measurements

  • Planning of soil conservation and upgrading projects

  • Installation and management of meteorological stations and monitoring of meteorological data

  • Design and programming of sewerage systems, rainwater sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants

  • Wastewater and rainwater reuse for irrigation and aquifer recharge

  • Operation supervision and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants 

  • Technical support for the management of specific solid waste (biowaste, construction & demolition, port & marine, agriculture etc) 




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